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How To Build A Strong Author Brand If You Write In Multiple Genres | Web Design Relief

While some writers focus on a single genre, there are many writers who dabble in multiple genres. You might write poetry as well as short stories, and possibly even essays. Or the differences in what you write may be more obvious: spine-tingling thriller novels AND warmhearted children’s books. At Web Design Relief, we know that writing in multiple genres can make your marketing strategy more challenging. Is one website right for you? Do you need multiple websites? Should you use a pen name to separate your genres? Here’s how to build a strong author brand when you write in multiple genres.

The Best Ways To Build A Strong Author Brand If You Write In Multiple Genres

It’s important to build your online marketing based on your own unique content and voice. Here are a few important questions to consider if you’re a multi-genre author who is trying to build a strong brand.

Should you use a pen name (or multiple pen names)?

Separating your brand identity will be easier if you use a different name for each genre. This way, you’ll avoid the confusion of your horror fans stumbling upon your children’s books or (eek!) vice versa. With a specific pen name for each style of writing, you’ll be able to create a unique online persona to suit each individual genre.

When you choose to use a pen name or multiple pen names, be sure you want that name associated with you for the long haul.

These articles can help you decide if you want to use one pen name or several:

Pen Names And The Internet: 5 Writer Problems—Solved!

How To Handle Multiple Pen Names On Your Author Website

Pen Names: What You Need To Know About Using A Pseudonym

What about having multiple author websites?

If you write any combination of poetry, essays, and short stories in the same style, you probably don’t need to have separate author websites. You can have separate pages on one author website for each style of writing.

But if you write some romance, some thriller, some cookbook recipes—multiple author websites may be the best answer. When you maintain a separate author website for each genre, your fan base will be able to quickly find and navigate your online content to access information about you and that specific genre.

If you decide to create multiple author websites, read this: How To Juggle More Than One Author Website.

Whether you have one author website or several, there are design and function elements that should be carefully considered:

  • Simplicity

Consider using a single tone and similar design elements for your author website(s) that won’t conflict with any of the styles you embrace in your writing or book cover art. Use minimal colors in your design and stick with classic serif and sans serif fonts rather than decorative ones. This way, if you want to consolidate your author websites in the future, the process will be easier and less jarring to your fans.

  • Dedicated Pages and Sections

You might want to create different pages or sections on one author website. This gives you the best of both (or many) worlds!

  • Separate Contact Forms

You can strategically place multiple contact forms on different pages or sections of your website so visitors can inquire about a specific genre, book, series, or project you’re working on. Remember: A contact form shouldn’t reveal your e-mail address. All the contact forms can connect to the same inbox so that all of your correspondence is in one place, and you don’t have to try to monitor several different e-mail locations.

Does a strong author brand require multiple social media platforms?

Similar to the benefits of having multiple author websites, creating a separate, distinct social media platform for each genre you write in might best serve your various groups of followers. You’ll have a more definite idea of what each audience wants to see and can target your posts, photos, and tweets accordingly.

Keep in mind, creating several platforms, keeping up with posts, and interacting with various audiences can take up a lot of valuable writing time. And if you don’t use different pen names for each genre, your followers may be bewildered by the different styles present on each separate social media platform.

If you’d like help managing your social media, you can hire your own Virtual Assistant! The Virtual Assistant team at Writer’s Relief will handle every aspect of managing your Facebook page, Twitter profile, and/or Pinterest boards—so you can spend your time writing. We have packages for every budget!

Must you use more than one URL?

Even if you use only one author website (but especially if you have more than one), keeping several domain names on hand can improve your branding when you write in different genres. Consider having a domain for your real name, another for your pen name, and even another for the title of your book. Separate URLs can help define each genre-focused website. If you have one author website, the various URLs can direct your audience to the same place—no matter which URL they choose!

Here’s how to choose the right URL or domain for your author website.

And if you don’t have an author website yet, what are you waiting for? The experts at Web Design Relief will have you (and your brand) up and running in no time. Schedule a free consultation today and see for yourself!


Question: Do you know any authors with multiple pen names or websites? Do you find it confusing? Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. Wendy

    Yes, I am using variations on my name–and all-out pen names–to distinguish the genres I’m working in. (So far, I’m writing how-to and co-authoring historic fiction under my casual name, poetry and narrative non-fiction under my legal name, and low-content books under an unrelated pen name. NA science fiction, children’s fiction and NF, adult SF, and memoir are “in the wings”)My problem is: HOW do I decided which are close enough to use the same name/different enough to need a new one? And WHICH genre gets my full, real name?


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