Author Website Hosting Care Package

What Is Web Hosting?

If you want an author website, you’ll need a Web host. In order for your website to appear online, it must be stored on a server so that people have real-time access to your pages on the Web. Having an author website but no host is like having a radio show but no way to broadcast it over the airwaves.

What Kind Of Web Hosts Are Out There?

Some companies offer cheap Web hosting; it’s passive income for them. If your site breaks, it’s not their problem. You’re on your own.

Web Design Relief Offers A Web Hosting Care Package For Our Author Website Design

With our Hosting Care Package, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your site is in good hands. You’ll get:

  • Regular site backups for restore points in case of emergencies (stored for up to three months)
  • Regular installation of updates (for WordPress, theme, and/or plug-ins), and follow-up maintenance should updates cause problems on the site
  • Monitoring of speed and usage to ensure sites load quickly and reliably
  • Expert management of bandwidth and disk space

The cost of this service is $20 per month, paid annually. This is NOT a website maintenance package; you’ll still need to make regular content updates on your own. But we’ll take care of any technical issues that may arise. See details below. If you want to add extra security to your site, consider our SiteGuard add-on. For a one-time fee of $50, we’ll add extra padding to your site to protect against hackers and identity thieves. Ask us for more details.

Why Our Web Hosting Is A Good Insurance Plan

Web Design Relief creates websites that authors can modify via WordPress, a content management system used by over 20 million blog and website owners. WordPress is largely stable and reliable. But as with most content management systems, problems can sometimes arise, especially when updates are needed. WordPress (and its themes and plug-ins) requires regular updates—just like your home computer requires regular updates. Sometimes an update can make the structure of your author website unstable. Site hiccups can pop up (and no amount of holding your breath or reciting the alphabet backward will fix them). But with Web Design Relief’s Web Hosting Care Package, you don’t have to worry a hair on your head about that. We’ll take care of the updates. And if something goes wrong with the infrastructure that we built because of an update, we’ll fix it. A bargain-basement Web host will not do that for you. You could end up paying a Web developer by the hour to fix your site—which could easily cost more than if you’d just purchased the Hosting Care Package to begin with.

What If I Don’t Want Your Web Hosting Services?

No worries! We won’t twist your arm. You’re welcome to use whatever Web host you like. Just be sure that you have gathered all the information we’ll need to make the transition for you (you’ll have to research this information on your own): FTP log in and password DNS information Hosting log in and password There is a $50 fee to transfer your site from our server to your host’s server. And we’ll ask you to sign a release saying that you won’t hold Web Design Relief responsible for anything that happens when we move your site from our server to yours.

Questions About Our Website Hosting Care Package?

Please fill out our contact form or give us a call!

Working with the Web Design Relief team has been a great pleasure and an educational experience. They were able to translate my needs into something tangible and very professional. My website is perfect!

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Web Design Relief was easy to work with. My team was patient, flexible, and efficient.

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