Author Web Design Reviews and Testimonials

We love helping writers build their online author platforms! From beautiful custom websites to dynamic social media profiles, we understand how important it is for a writer to stay connected, share their work, and reach a wide audience. The best part about it? Our clients love the work we do for them! Check out their reviews and testimonials below.

Maryanne ChrisantMaryanne Chrisant –

As my website says, I’m a writer, physician, mother and more—and most days don’t have enough hours. I’ve had a wonderful, gratifying experience with Writer’s Relief; after multiple publications of poetry and short stories, the next step was to have my own website. My Writer’s Relief team introduced me to Web Design Relief. My initial hesitation about “putting myself out there” was gently nudged along by Glory, Christina, and Vincent. They were able to interpret my writer’s vision and produce an attractive, easy-to-navigate website. They incorporated links to my published work, including featured stories and a blog page for current additions and news. Looking at the site, I’m blown away by my own accomplishments as a writer. Kudos to Web Design Relief!

Telisha Moore Leigg –

The website process is seamless, fun, and, in my opinion, both beautiful and beautifully orchestrated. I got the look I wanted and again, I loved the process of its coming to fruition.

SD FisherS.D. Fisher –

The Writer’s Relief design team did a great job with the redesign of my website of my murder mystery, The Two Ugly Detectives Agency. They were very responsive, answered all my questions and concerns very quickly, and provided me exactly what I wanted and needed. My hat is off to them!

King Grossman –

The Web Design Relief family is fabulously creative, highly competent, and crisply responsive. We redesigned my website to reflect me as an author and to easily highlight the body of my work—novel length fiction, short story, and poetry. My prior website, also designed by WDR, was magnificent; it highlighted my novel when it came out. In short, it was time for a refreshing change, and what a lovely change it is! Gratitude to the WDR family.

Darlene Eliot –

If you need help nailing your brand, you’ve come to the right place. The designers know what questions to ask, what imagery translates best to the screen, and how to make your original idea come to life on your webpage. Conventional or quirky, your idea is in good hands with the Web Design Relief team.

Cynthia Yancey –

Kudos to the team at Web Design Relief—they make it so easy! After filling out a questionnaire, one is able to sit back and wait while these web masters magically create a beautiful rendition of one’s writing life. Upon sharing my website’s launch, my friends sent out exclamations such as: “Nice! To the point! Beautiful! Bright! Moving and inspiring!” The slideshows they created to illustrate my essays give nice visual portrayals of my stories. Web Design Relief even sent a toolkit that allows you to make revisions as the need arises. I highly recommend them for your website creations.

Anne Marie Cadwallader –

It has been a true pleasure to work with Web Design Relief! The design process was easy and and very interactive—the designers understood what I wanted in a web site that showed my writing and my themes, and the result was beautiful and exactly what I had envisioned. The designers are patient and communicative with someone who has limited knowledge building of web sites and bringing it all online!

Josh Gidding –

Writer’s Relief and its affiliated service Web Design Relief have given my writing career a huge shot in the arm, for which I will be forever grateful. Their staff members are thoroughgoing professionals who have been invariably attentive to my writing needs and concerns, and they always reply to my questions and requests in a timely and courteous manner. It is a pleasure working with them, and I enthusiastically recommend their services.

Cyndy Muscatel

I cannot possibly detail how professional and helpful Web Design Relief has been in helping me launch my collection of short stories—there are just too many things they have done!  They’ve been there for me all along the way, guiding me in developing my book and into the 21st century of web design and social media platforms. It could have been a bewildering journey; Instead it was one that was organized and so pleasant. Truly, Web Design Relief has blown me away by what they have created. The first time I watched my book trailer (who knew there were book trailers?), I cried. That team perfectly imaged what my book is about. I want to thank the whole team for their skill and creativity. I appreciate it so much.

Jim Beane –

The experience developing my writer’s website with a Web Design Relief design team proved better than I could have anticipated. The team led by Erinn was professional, efficient, creative, and attentive to my wants. They know how to develop a site worth displaying. They know how to listen and give good constructive advice. Hats off to them. Results are great.

Sydney Avey –

Many thanks to my Web Design Relief Team for my website’s new look and greater functionality. They understood what I needed to accomplish and improved upon the ideas I gave them. From developmental concept to final execution no details were lost. The team’s energy, enthusiasm, and responsiveness to my questions and concerns gave me confidence.

My website is the centerpiece of my author platform. Design and maintenance require skilled people who keep up to date and smooth processes that ensure good communication and the desired outcome. Web Design Relief delivered!

Ann Fowler –

Writer’s Relief did a wonderful job developing and posting my website. The designers asked very specific questions about colors and my preferred format. Also, the team provided many examples of finished websites for me to view before designing my site. Having several examples to choose from allowed me to pick the one that I liked best. I love my website!

Martha Eger Martens 

Working with the website team at Writer’s Relief was an absolute delight. I got what I wanted, exactly as I wanted it, and in a timely manner. Any changes or tweaks I wanted were taken care of immediately and with no quibbling. I am a very private person and wanted something professional, yet discreet. My ideas were translated from words into a visual portrayal which matched perfectly with my wishes. And I didn’t have to do it! Many thanks to the team for their fine work.

Betsy Martin –

I confess I was skeptical that Web Design Relief would be able to come up with something I would like. However, I dutifully filled out the questionnaires, and amazingly, on the first try, they produced a beautiful and elegant website that I loved. It seemed a kind of alchemy to have created such a beautiful thing from the data on the forms, but this is what they did.

Pasadena Shakes –

I can’t speak highly enough about the great team at WR. Within a few weeks of signing with them I was up and running with a professionally prepared submission package and a beautifully designed author website. A contract from both a publisher and a literary agency followed closely thereafter. Enough said.

Antionette Melendez –

Working with the Web Design Relief team was an absolute pleasure. The team took all of my ideas and made the most adorable children’s book website. I am proud to say that the website they developed for my children’s chapter book TOO MUCH MACTIGGLE looks fantastic!

Steven Fisher –

Web Design Relief made the entire process of creating a website for my murder mystery, CORPSE POSE, smooth and painless. Amber and all of the team were very responsive and met all my requests as quickly as possible. Thanks for a job well done!

Chuck Snearly –

I used Web Design Relief to build my personal author page and got outstanding results. When it was time to update my company website, I used them again and had another great experience. The process was easy and the site is beautiful. Thanks!

Matthew Allen

The Web Design Relief team really works well with incorporating the ideas that you have for your website. Also the team communicates well with updates on website progress. Thanks again for all your help.

Michael O’Neill –

Working with the Web Design Relief team was a pleasure. Their design ideas were excellent, they responded quickly and constructively to my suggestions, and they delivered the final package in the promised time. Also, the price was right!

Jack Ritter

I asked Web Design Relief to give me a working base that I could modify. I got it, and it’s luxurious looking. Throughout it all, I pestered them over details, and they delivered.

WDR built my website on a WordPress theme, which is very versatile—which I don’t see in other website builders.

The layout of almost every other site out there today is the same: Your content is in rows and columns of isolated boxes. You can try to shuffle the elements around, but all you’ll ever get is an unstackable ‘herd’ of square cows.

I recommend Web Design Relief, with their (inexpensive) do-it-yourself package, and versatile WordPress theme.

Rosalie Lauerman –

My Writer’s Relief Design Team translated my dream website into a professional-looking, smoothly-functioning, classy website—a perfect fit. Throughout the process, the team remained competent, efficient, pleasant, patient, and fun—a joyful experience. I rate Web Design Relief/Writer’s Relief FIVE STARS!

Abby Caplin –

This was the smoothest website development experience I have ever had. The intake form was quite detailed and required work, but it paid off. I got the website that I didn’t think was possible—one that reflects who I am. I am so grateful!

Marie Bacigalupo –

My tech capabilities are subzero, so I depended wholly on the Web Design Relief Team to create my website. The Team made recommendations to protect me from spam. They applied their skills to satisfy my tastes and address my concerns—all with courteous forbearance. And sweet-tempered Jen, my liaison, was a joy to work with.

Ted Sugges

Thank you to the Web Design Relief team for an enjoyable experience in developing a professionally beautiful website of which I am extremely proud to call my own. I had attempted to develop a website through my own efforts, but was dissatisfied with the end result. I became frustrated because I was spending so much time on the technical aspect of being a writer and neglecting the reason I started writing in the first place. I stopped telling stories. I knew what I wanted in a website, but was unable to make my vision a reality. Finally, I realized I needed help and contacted Web Design Relief. I became part of a team who created my beautiful website. I wish I had saved a lot of time and aggravation by contacting Web Design Relief in the first place.

 A. Robert Allen –

Working with Web Design Relief was a great experience. The customer service is great—they are both patient and attentive—and I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of their work. Web Design Relief served me well, and I heartily recommend them to any author looking to build a quality website.

Catharine Lucas –

The Writer’s Relief Web Design Team came up with a website I am delighted with. They handled my lack of experience with patience and tact. Jen, my liaison with the team, was upbeat and enthusiastic, a real person willing to engage with my content as well as making every effort to facilitate communication with the design team.

Marc Hess

I was real happy to work with Kriste, and you all did a real good job for me. I am going to brag about you all to all my writer friends in the Writers League of Texas.

Barbara Sanchez –

I am thrilled with my new website; it looks wonderful and I absolutely love it! The people at Web Design Relief listened to what I had in mind and created a beautiful website that totally fits in with the Dracula novels I write, even down to using red for the color of the letters in my name. The results were far better than I ever imagined. They are creative and professional, and they gave me an elegant website that will draw people’s attention. I am very pleased with the work they’ve done. Any writer who wants a distinctive website should check out Web Design Relief.

Emily Raabe –

The Web Design Relief team has made me a website that is both easy to use and beautiful–I love it! My contact throughout the process was available every time I called, and worked with me every step of the way, patiently fielding last-minute changes and requests. I had an excellent experience throughout this process, and on top of that, I could not be more pleased with the end result. Many, many thanks!

Debbi Simmons Harris

Web Design Relief is just that—a welcome relief to busy writers who prefer to focus on their craft, while leaving certain aspects of platform design and development to the professionals. The process was seamless and collaborative.

Ken Haas

I love my new website and it was terrific working with the WR Web Design team— I feel you were all very creative, but also listened well to my wants and needs—a very classy result and experience—efficient and fast, but patient as well—real pros.

John McCord –

The Web design team worked with me during the entire process, from inception, through design and mockups, until the final website was ready. They took my initial concepts and created an author’s site that was better than I had imagined! Thanks!

Lynn Hoggard

Thank you, Web Design Relief Team, for creating a classy, attractive, and friendly website. I appreciate your professionalism and the way the team translated my text and guidelines into a website that feels like my own.

Candace Armstrong –

I love it! Thank you so much. I so appreciate the rush to get this up before the writer’s conference. I am humbled by your competence!

James Pratley

Web Design Relief is a REAL relief. Preparing a website is a gloomy job, but WDR did it joyously and perfectly. Pretty too. I am grateful to them. What a weight off my mind. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to spend maximum time at writing fiction. (P.S. I’m not a whiz at the computer, but working with WDR was a cinch. Hooray for me!)

Cathy Allman –

That old website sat neglected, untouched, un-proofread, and in constant need of revision for YEARS. No way could I take steps into today’s very interactive digital publishing and promotion environment without a team, specifically without your team. This process has been a pleasure!

Dwight Hilson –

I’d been researching options for starting a website, but just as important as the design, I wanted to work with people who could guide me through the maze of social media and marketing. I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Mary Diane Hausman

I did hours of research on pricing, and you offered the best value, hands down. Plus, I’m a poet, not a marketing expert. Your advice about putting my best foot forward was both sensitive and invaluable.

Reba Hilbert –

In no time, I had a professional, easy-to-navigate, and eye-catching site! The process was painless, and Web Design Relief took care of all the technical details that had so intimidated me before. Now I can easily maintain my site, update my blog, and refer [people] to a site that shows exactly who I am.

Suzanne Jenkins

I went to Writer’s Relief Web Design with demands that bordered on unreasonable. I wanted a custom site with all the bells and whistles, and I wanted it finished in five days. They delivered! The Best Seller Package met all my criteria, especially the SEO Optimization and Google analytics. I don’t have the time to do all the marketing an independent, self-published author has to do, let alone manage my own site. I wanted the best product available and got it with Web Design Relief. My site looks professional, is easy to navigate, and set up so that I can make minor changes and additions on my own. Everyone was great to work with. My team was patient and kind when I was feeling overwhelmed. It was all around a very positive experience.

My website looks amazing. I think you are truly a gift; I’ve been able to come to you with any request and you are able to put it into action. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done to help me promote my books.

William Meffert

I was impressed how easy it was to work with Web Design Relief in constructing my website. Indicating design and functional preferences, and selecting appropriate photographs were my only initial steps. Their suggestions in further development of the site were and are invaluable and a great saver of time. Spend more time writing. Allow others easy access to your work. Who wouldn’t want that?

Lisa Van Allen –

Thanks to Web Design Relief, my site’s been a huge hit with my publisher, editor, agents, and fans. I’m thrilled with it; WDR perfectly captured the vibe of my writing—a little bit edgy and different, a little bit folksy and lyrical. The site is interactive without being cluttered. And the process (and price) were easy for a busy, working writer to handle. I have been recommending WDR to my writer friends.

King Grossman –

Working with the Web Design Relief team was a total pleasure. They made the process easy, in-depth, professional, and lyrical. I wanted a site that leaned toward the bohemian and yet held an edge of minimalist sophistication. I couldn’t be happier with my very inviting and creative site! We should win awards with this one!

Pat Kelley

I am not a techie and don’t like spending time on the computer unless I’m really writing. Web Design Relief took care of all the technical work for my website so I didn’t have to worry about any of that. They produced a working site that was exactly what I had asked for and asked for comments and feedback from me all along the way. They made a troublesome process completely painless. Thanks, Web Design Relief!

Nancy Scott Hanway

My site looks so fantastic. I’m really pleased with the design.

Katheryn Wallis

My first novel was published months earlier than I’d anticipated, so when I needed an author website, I needed one FAST. In less than two weeks, Web Design Relief took my handful of ideas and turned them into a fantastic site! I went with the Open Mike package, which was the perfect intersection of design choice and affordability for me. The design team let me change the background and text colors of my chosen template, which went a long way to both giving me a unique site and finding a way to capture the feel and personality I was going for. They took care of all the behind-the-scenes stuff that I know nothing about, and even made some fantastic suggestions that I hadn’t thought of – like adding a “buy now” button in a sidebar on the Home page, so viewers could go directly to my book.

I really liked how approachable and friendly everyone was, both on the phone and in emails. They don’t try to talk you into add-ons you truly don’t need or want, and they can explain things in ways that even the tech-challenged among us can understand. They also worked with me to get everything just the way I wanted it.

I might have been able to make my own website, if I put in enough time and effort, and blood, sweat, and tears. Instead, I put in a reasonable amount of money and let the friendly experts at Web Design Relief do the job for me. That was money well spent, and time and effort I can put into writing instead!

Peter Obourn

Thanks you so much for the knowledgeable and professional assistance in setting up my website. I could not have done it without you. The process was painless and I am very happy with the result. All of my questions were instantly addressed and I was given instruction in how to update my website myself.

Daniel Fliederbaum headshotDaniel Fliederbaum –

Easy-to-work-with professionals who produced quality results. Highly recommended!

Lynn CohenLynn Glicklich Cohen –

Working with Erinn and the Web Design Relief team on my website was nothing less than a pleasure! They told me upfront what would be involved and how much time it was likely to take. From there, we worked seamlessly through the whole process. They did all the heavy lifting, while I put together the text for the pages, chose my design from the options they sent me, and revised any tweaks as they went along. I was impressed by how they “got me” based on the little information they had. They communicated thoroughly and as frequently as necessary, and also answered my questions promptly and with such positivity! Most meaningfully, the process brought me closer to my own writing. I reacquainted myself with my older work, and it helped me feel some overdue respect for myself as a lifelong poet and writer. I cannot thank them enough!

Ellis Elliot HeadshotEllis Elliott –

The Writer’s Relief website team did an excellent job translating my specific design wants and needs into a functioning, beautiful website for my writing. They were efficient and kept the communication open and easy.

Virginia Schnurr

I did not want a web page. I resisted for two years. With the gentle prodding of my team, I relented. I found the experience of creating the page thought provoking and fun. I had to focus on what attracted me to other writers’ pages and how I wanted mine to be singular. I am proud of my page and grateful to my team and the web designers.

Rosalia Scalia –

The Writer’s Relief Web Design Team is second to none! The redesign of my website to reflect the advent of my forthcoming book is genius. The font and layout work well, and the page website captures the mood I want to convey. My stories tend to be edgy, explore the underside of the human condition, and the noir concept of the web page reflects that perfectly. Also, the tool kit provided so that I can update the events page as more readings are scheduled looks easy enough to follow—easier than baking a cake! Thank you, Writer’s Relief Web Design Team—for a job well done. I am proud of my web page and what it says about my work as a writer! I highly recommend and urge authors to take advantage of the talents offered by this web design team.

Stephen J. Groak –

There’s an old proverb that says, “the proof of the pudding is in the tasting.” Hope you’re hungry because you are in for a treat. Check out my website, check out the other writers’ websites, and see the quality of work that Web Design Relief offers to writers.

Behind WDR is a team of professionals (for me Catherine et al.) that will guide you through the process of creating a unique website that reflects your creative voice. They are also, as they state on their website, ‘the “Goldilocks” of Web design—not too big or too small. But we won’t eat your porridge or sleep in your bed.’

They do serve up a delicious pudding.

Bon appétit.

Beth Gumerove

I want to thank you for the personal attention you gave me during construction of my website and the professional insights that you offered during the process. You were patient with the changes I made just because I changed my mind. You moved the job along with the soft skills necessary for dealing with an admittedly difficult client. Because of, I now have an online presence. It didn’t hurt that your creative team did its job well presenting me with many visually viable options. Most of all, I thank you for lifting the burden of all the technological details that I have no skill or patience to tackle. It was a pleasure working with you and the rest of your team.

Joanne Alfano –

I have enjoyed this experience and have referred your company to several other writers who are just beginning to think of publishing, author’s websites, etc. Thank you for doing such great work!

Abby Lipscomb 

Web Design Relief was easy to work with. My team was patient, flexible, and efficient.

Gina Willner-Pardo –

I am so happy with the Web Design Relief team. Early on, Erinn sent me a questionnaire to help refine my preferences. Because I am (so) not a visual person, my answers were vague and tended toward the not-helpful, but Erinn couldn’t have been more patient.

The website itself is striking and easy to navigate. The team worked hard to tweak it so that it works as well on mobile devices as it does on laptops. I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks, Web Design Relief, for bringing my website to life!

Rosalie Lauerman –

Web Design Relief updated my website exactly as I wanted it to look. I love my site!

Marguerite Morris

I came to Web Design Relief without a published book or an author platform—and not much knowledge about technology—but I had a vision of what I wanted my still un-designed website to look like. The Web Design Team came up with images to combine with my words and created a website I love. It was an amazing moment for me. There is room for my soon-to-be published book and future additions. My communications with Jen and the Web Design team was very good. They helped me as a non-technical person with every glitch I encountered. This is a group who understands authors and writers no matter where they are in the process. I wish I had started at the beginning with Writer’s Relief and Web Design Relief. I highly recommend them. I am grateful to the entire team for helping me with my vision. Marguerite Lambrinos

Walter B. Levis –

Working with the Writer’s Relief web design team was an uncomplicated pleasure. Always patient, always supportive, always helpful. Now, I’m eager to take my writing to another level by engaging strategically with the world of social media.

Martha Phelan Hayes –

I had wanted to build a website for some time, but it felt like an overwhelming process. When I enlisted the help of Writer’s Relief (Web Design Relief), I was finally able to complete this professional milestone. Their knowledge of web design and their attention to my individual needs made the process easy. With their creative and professional talents, they designed a website that is exactly what I had in mind.

Thomas McGovern Jr.

The site looks great and thank you so much for creating it. Having you design the site freed me to do the things that I most enjoy–writing and graphic design (using photoshop). It is my hope and desire that this new website might indeed allow me to achieve my overall dream.

Children First Early Learning Center

Web Design Relief created exactly what I envisioned as my website for my early learning center. Jen and the whole team were very creative; they provided me with excellent ideas and examples for my business website. They worked in a timely manner and maintained ongoing updates as progress was taking place. I would recommend this awesome team to anyone who wants to create a business website.


Jennifer Rodriguez


Children First Early Learning Center

Serena Eve Richardson –

Before I began working with Web Design Relief, I was overwhelmed by the idea of having a website built. I knew I needed one to promote my writing, but didn’t know where to start. Having my site built by Web Design Relief was a great decision and a very positive experience. The team responded immediately to any questions I had. They took the time to include me in all steps of the process, and provided me feedback on everything down to the actual name of my domain. I am extremely happy with the finished product. I highly recommend this service to anyone thinking of having an author website built! Thank you, Web Design Relief!

Ulric R. Jackson

After I wrote The Infinite Evolution of Spiritual Energy, I wanted a website to promote it. My first thought was to learn how to build it myself. I began surfing the Web about how to build a website, and, well, that didn’t go too well. The time it would have taken me to build a professional-looking site would have been counterproductive because I did not have enough knowledge or expertise.

My second option was to search for people who knew how to design a website for authors. After surfing the Web for site designers, I settled on Web Design Relief because their focus was author-based and their costs were affordable. I gave them a call for an interview, and they were very professional and informative. My liaison worked with me every step of the way in developing and building my website, kept in touch with me through every phase of the process, and never failed to respond immediately to any inquiries I had. I was equally impressed with the creativity, responsiveness and professionalism the web designers displayed in interpreting my desires for the website, and they created a dynamic website for me.

If you are a new or established author and you want to promote your book on the Web with confidence, Web Design Relief is the place to go. I highly recommend them and will continue to work with them for the ongoing management of my website.

Howard N. Ellman

I found the folks at Web Design Relief to be courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and responsive to my needs while setting up my author website. I will continue to use their services in the future!

Mary Rose Henssler –

The team at Web Design Relief made the website creation process so easy and so affordable. I wish I had learned about them sooner! They took my input and presented some really creative and interesting choices for the look and feel of my website. Too bad I only need one writer’s website at this time. If I ever use a pen name, I’ll call on them again.

Phyllis Grilikhes

Thank you for your sensitive work creating my website, now launched!!!

Throughout this process your unwavering good spirits, genuine kindness, helpful suggestions, and availability all made the outcome of my website possible. It was a pleasure to work with you.

Pamela S. Carter

I am not at all cyber-savvy, and without Web Design Relief, I wouldn’t have a website. The team was so easy to work with; they were responsive at every turn and made several changes until my site was just what I wanted. Thanks to all of you!

D.B. Silvis

I gave Web Design Relief my old website, and through their embellishments they brought it to life. It is now a very professional-looking site. It was an easy and smooth transition with a positive effect. Thank you.

Jack Doherty

What a great team! I enjoyed working with you. I just gave you the copy and the instructions on how I envisioned the website, and you made magic producing a super-nice site. You did a terrific job. Thank you.

Batya Casper

 Thank you, Web Design Relief, for designing my website with such clarity, care, and attention to detail. Your initial questionnaire made it easy for me to convey what I wanted, and you sure ran with that ball.

JL Doucette

I am thrilled with my author website designed and developed in collaboration with the team at Web Design Relief. They took my ideas about color and format, and crafted a classic page that highlights the mood and setting of my work.

Chuck Snearly –
My site looks great. Thank you for all of your help. It was a great experience that produced outstanding results!
Christopher Kuhl

I had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. But the Web Design Relief team actually made it fun—and listened to me so that when the final design was expressed, it made accessible who I am as a poet. They used my goofy photos and avoided making me, a regular down-home guy, artsy-fartsy (pardon the language). They also understood that I’m not a particularly savvy computer user, so they were very patient with me, listened and responded to my endless and moronic questions, and figured out, when I couldn’t, what I was trying to say and needed. I’d recommend them to anyone; I’m excited about the whole thing.

Andrea Kott –

Creating my website was a daunting task. If writing about myself wasn’t hard enough, I had to think about design. I shelved the whole thing for years. Then I found Web Design Relief. From their showing me design ideas to helping me conceptualize my site to making last-minute tweaks, the WDR team was creative, responsive, and very, very patient. Plus, they delivered the finished product when and at the price they promised. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Melissa River-Clark

I would like to thank Jen and the amazing talent at Web Design Relief. I love my website, and the process from beginning to end was easy, fun, and professional. How do they find such GREAT PEOPLE at WDR? Kudos to a company so well run, that also shares my love for Halloween….

Chad Henson

My personal liaison Jen and the Web design team from Web Design Relief helped take my vision for an author website and sculpt it into a reality. They were professional, courteous, insightful, but most of all, they made the whole process fun! I highly recommend WDR!

Lorraine Courtney

I highly recommend Web Design Relief. I was searching for a company to work with on designing and hosting my new website and they came through. It was a pleasure to work with them. They were responsive, stayed in touch with me almost daily with updates, and answered questions promptly. I was able to get the website designed like I wanted it, and the team added many helpful design features and enhancements, like all the latest connections to social media.

Marion Hill –

I’m pleased with the look of my website. The team at Web Design Relief listened to my suggestions and added a few of their own to make my website look exactly how I envisioned it. I would definitely recommend using Web Design Relief if you are looking to create a website.

I. Vicente

I am thrilled with my new website! The Web Design Relief team was great and easy to work with from the very beginning. They provided guidance and creativity throughout to develop a website that looks fantastic. They were responsive and understanding to my needs and preferences. Great job!

Gwenn A. Nusbaum

Rave reviews of my new website, designed by the Web Design Relief team, stream in. All can see both the hard work and aesthetic merits of my site, one in which I am proud. Not only is the team ready to listen to what you need and conceive, their ardor makes it happen! In this way, it is a collaborative experience. I am grateful for this effort and can wholeheartedly recommend WDR to my friends.

Ronnie J. Smith

The Web Design Relief team made a big difference on my website with their enthusiastic creativity, and offered an excellent array of ideas and options to make the website what I envisioned. I literally gave them a few sentences of input throughout the creation process and they developed a superb website! There’s simple-looking features that are technologically savvy and bring my work to the point. I’m very pleased with their work!

Bert Silva

With the services of Web Design Relief, I feel I’m on my way to having professional representation out there on the Internet. The design team was friendly, responsive, and thoroughly a pleasure to work with. These people know what they’re doing. They know best how to do a website that will provide a writer more recognition in this business of creating stories and encouraging people to read them. Thank you!

Ceejae Devine –

‘Wow!’ doesn’t begin to describe my opinion of Web Design Relief! I had graphics ready to go, and Hurricane Sandy hit just as I was sending files. I thought, “I know writers have to have lots of patience…” Within about a week, I got a reply that they were doing everything they could to get back to business and my site was up a week later! It was as if nothing had happened. My rep is outstanding in her service and they are quick to address little issues. One was installing JetPack—a useful bridge between dot-org and dot-com sites that enables someone to access the Reader and get to know the community. Thank you for doing such a great job!

Andrey Gritsman –

Working with the Web Design Relief team has been a great pleasure and an educational experience. They were able to translate my needs into something tangible and very professional. My website is perfect!

Debra Mihalic Staples

When it came to designing a website, I had a vision, but I knew I needed to hire an expert to handle the ‘nuts and bolts.’ Web Design Relief offered the expertise I was seeking.

Kathleen Glassburn –

Self-promotion has always been a difficult thing for me. I was the kid rubbing my toe into a front doormat, eyes cast down, mumbling, who couldn’t even sell Girl Scout Cookies. But self-promotion is part of publication in our time. Without hassle on my part, Web Design Relief delivered exactly what I envisioned. This website shows that I am making progress with the climb up my mountain.

Click here to hear Kathleen talk about her Web Design Relief experience.

Matt C. Werner

I recently applied for a competitive speaking gig. When the coordinator called, he said that he picked ME because of my website: It showed him that I was professional and passionate. Should have done this years ago.

Rosalia Scalia –

I can’t say enough great things about Writer’s Relief and the Web Design Relief team. My website works wonders! It reflects my personality and also the tone of my work. It provides visitors with a good reflection of what I have achieved and hope to continue to achieve as a writer. The design team understands collaboration, understood immediately what I wanted by the few abstract words I could provide, and doesn’t drag its feet taking forever to get things done.

I urge any writer in need of website to seriously consider and rely on Web Design Relief’s excellent design team.

Paul Hollis

I was looking for a site that would pass the three-second rule and immediately capture the essence of The Hollow Man. Web Design Relief stepped up to the challenge and hit a home run. The site has become a key component in a marketing strategy that’s reach is now worldwide. The development team fought tirelessly through hurricanes and nor’easters to create an effective tool to drive book sales. They were knowledgeable, fast, and focused, making the whole process effortless for the author. I continue to receive daily compliments on the site. Well done, Web Design Relief!

Elizabeth Appell

Today (December 5, 2012) is my coming out! I love my new site! I can’t wait for the world to discover it. Well…maybe that’s reaching a little to high, but I couldn’t have even considered being exposed to the world without the Web Design Relief team. They offered me over a dozen options for my masthead, and when I asked if something could be done, the answer was always, “Sure!” Thank you, Web Design Relief and your talented crew. Oh, and by the way, they did this despite that very rude interruption from Hurricane Sandy. Pretty amazing.

Nancy Mary

I am very pleased with my website, developed by Web Design Relief. I never could have done it myself. They were patient with me, responsive, and had it up in a timely fashion.

J.R. Stewart –

One of my mantras is: If you want professional results, hire professionals. My experience with the Web Design Relief team was utterly positive, and their professionalism is exemplary. They were responsive to my questions and concerns, they gently helped me dispel my ignorance regarding what a website can accomplish, and were just flat-out fun to work with. With people like the Web Design Relief team on my side, I feel like I have a tremendous advantage.

Tamara Adelman 

I found working with Web Design Relief almost effortless. The process was quick and the results have helped me to consolidate my work as well as promote it on the Internet. My goal is for editors to be able to learn more about me as a writer, and I am proud to be linked to Writer’s Relief site.

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