Why Do I Need An Author Website?

 1. It’s an information hub. A truly effective author platform is comprised of many interwoven parts: public appearances, social media profiles, links to sites where people can buy your book, links to literary journals where people can read your stories or poems, etc. Your author website ties all these pieces together in one convenient information center—making it easy for you to create and promote a cohesive, well-organized representation of your writing on the Web.

2. It’s effective branding. An author website adds legitimacy to your platform. It shows literary agents, editors, and readers alike that you take your writing seriously. Armed with an awesome, informative author website, you can promote yourself like the true professional you are! Include the URL on your cover letter, in the signature of your emails, and even on your business cards. Encourage the people you meet to check out your website for more information about your books, stories, or poems.

3. You have control over your image. Don’t let random search results on Google be the only way people can stumble across you online. An author website anchors your online author persona, giving you more control over what people read about you on the Web. With well-executed search engine optimization (SEO), your website is more likely to float to the top of Internet searches, making it easier for people to find you on your own terms.

4. You can build a lasting relationship with your readers. An author website gives your fans a place to return to any time they want the latest news about you and your writing. It’s where you can blog about your works in progress, host book giveaways, list your upcoming public appearances, and host lively discussions in the comments section. The most successful writers are those who are accessible on the Web. Having a central, well-connected author website will help you build a loyal following for the long term!

Interested? Web Design Relief has the technical savvy, creative chops, and firsthand knowledge of what works for writers to build you a stellar author website. Check out WHY US? for more information.

King Grossman – KingGrossman.org

Working with the Web Design Relief team was a total pleasure. They made the process easy, in-depth, professional, and lyrical. I wanted a site that leaned toward the bohemian and yet held an edge of minimalist sophistication. I couldn’t be happier with my very inviting and creative site! We should win awards with this one!

Rosalia Scalia – RosaliaScalia.com

I can’t say enough great things about Writer’s Relief and the Web Design Relief team. My website works wonders! It reflects my personality and also the tone of my work. It provides visitors with a good reflection of what I have achieved and  hope to continue to achieve as a writer. The design team understands collaboration, understood immediately what I wanted by the few abstract words I could provide, and doesn’t drag its feet taking forever to get things done.

I urge any writer in need of website to seriously consider and rely on Web Design Relief’s excellent design team.

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